Technology helps track down stolen car in Oklahoma

Technology helps track down stolen car in Oklahoma

GUTHRIE, Okla. (KFOR) – An alleged thief took off with a Guthrie woman’s car this week, but thanks to technology, did not make it very far. 

“Hello, my car was just stolen out of my neighbor’s driveway,” said a Guthrie woman to a 911 dispatcher. “It has all my stuff in it. It has my phone, money, purse, everything.”

The incident happened Sunday night on East Perkins Avenue in Guthrie. 

The woman told dispatchers she left her car running because she was just running into her friend’s house briefly. 

“Someone that was a transient had noticed the vehicle running and unintended,” said Sgt. Anthony Gibbs with Guthrie PD. “So, they actually went out and got in the vehicle and then drove off with it.”

According to police, the woman behind the wheel was 38-year-old Ashley Floyd. 

She allegedly took off west on East Perkins Avenue. 

“My cell phone was in there so I came to my house to get my laptop so I can find it,” said the victim. 

Guthrie PD said Floyd was quickly tracked down using a GPS app that was on both the victim’s phone and laptop. 

“We soon figured out that the vehicle was westbound out of town and a Logan County deputy was right there,” said Sgt. Gibbs. “And then they were able to effect the stop and take that person into custody.” 

Sgt. Gibbs told KFOR this exact scenario highlights why it’s illegal in the state of Oklahoma to leave a vehicle left running unattended. 

“We see this happen a lot at convenience stores, grocery stores, where it’s like, ‘hey, I’m just going to leave my vehicle running for just a moment and I’m going to go in,’” said Sgt. Gibbs. “We just want to remind folks, turn the vehicle off, make sure you set your parking brake and then secure the vehicle so that the contents on the inside are also protected as well.”

Floyd’s facing a felony charge for larceny of a motor vehicle, according to the Oklahoma State Courts Network. 

Floyd’s bond is set at $10,000. She’s due in court next week.


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