Technology has emerged as powerful force for justice: CJI D Y Chandrachud | India News

Technology has emerged as powerful force for justice: CJI D Y Chandrachud | India News
NEW DELHI: Chief Justice of India D Y Chandrachud spoke on Saturday on how technology has emerged as a “powerful force” for justice and it must be ensured technological solutions are designed keeping equity and inclusivity in mind.
Highlighting the importance of designing technological solutions with equity and inclusivity in mind, the CJI stressed the need for a shared commitment to justice.He urged law officers to remain impartial and maintain dignity in courts, safeguarding the integrity of legal proceedings.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Supreme Court judge Justice Surya Kant, Union law minister Arjun Ram Meghwal, attorney general R Venkataramani, and Solicitor General Tushar Mehta also addressed the conference.
Justice Chandrachud acknowledged the potential of technology to enhance the speed and accessibility of justice but cautioned against exacerbating existing problems in society. He underscored the importance of modernizing courtrooms and facilities, ensuring that technology fosters transparency and accountability rather than perpetuating opacity and inequality.
Referring to the e-Courts project, aiming to improve access to justice through technology, the CJI emphasized the need for technological solutions that consider the diverse needs and capabilities of stakeholders.
He also commended recent initiatives like the implementation of a standard operating procedure guiding courts in summoning government officials, ensuring ethical and accountable practices. Justice Chandrachud emphasized the collaborative approach involving legal officers, government officials, and the judiciary in reinforcing executive accountability and fostering mutual respect.
The CJI expressed the urgency of fortifying institutional capacity, especially in the face of pressing global issues, and highlighted the significance of global collaboration in addressing cross-border challenges to justice delivery.
Justice Chandrachud touched upon the role of legal education in shaping the future and stressed the need for equitable access to legal education. He called for a holistic approach to admission processes, considering factors like socioeconomic background, diversity, and life experiences.
In conclusion, the Chief Justice reiterated the crucial role of law officers in upholding ethics in legal practice, serving as the primary point of contact between the courts and the government.
Justice Surya Kant, also addressing the conference, underscored its significance in bringing together legal luminaries to discuss pressing legal issues and chart the path forward for the evolution of legal education and justice systems.


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