New Student Technology Center now open at DCAD in Wilmington

New Student Technology Center now open at DCAD in Wilmington

The Delaware College of Art and Design’s (DCAD) new Student Technology Center is open.

The new center at the two-year art and design school in downtown Wilmington includes a clean maker space with 3D printers, laser cutters and other tech.

The hope is it will foster collaboration and experimentation by DCAD students and faculty.

The Student Technology Center also includes a lounge area in the former Delaware Power and Light Building vault and a Writer’s Studio area.

DCAD’s Bob Bickey is the Director of the Student Technology Center – and he’s confident this addition will help keep DCAD competitive.

“To get our students’ hands on this type of technology as soon as possible, puts them ahead of their peers. Think of some other major universities and research institutions, the students might not be able to have access to this type of technology within their first two years.”

Bickey came on board as Director of Academic and Facility Operations in January 2022. At the time, the center was simply an idea. Once the funding came together, Bickey says things moved fast.

“So in the course of time, working through with the architects, doing our equipment list, figuring out how it fits in curriculum, and everything else that goes into play to make this student center work has taken roughly about two years.”

The Student Technology Center was funded by a $400000 grant from the Crystal Trust Foundation.


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