Lexington KY will soon test technology that detects wrong-way drivers

Lexington KY will soon test technology that detects wrong-way drivers

LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Lexington will soon be the test area for new technology to keep drivers safer.

Gov. Beshear announced in Thursday’s Team Kentucky update that five ramps along New Circle Road, as well as I-75, are targeted for these unique projects to quickly identify wrong-way drivers, starting in summer 2024.

The project is so new that developers are still working on what technology will be used, but there’s already a plan for what it will do.

“One, it will detect wrong-way incidents in real-time,” Beshear said. “Two, it will deter wrong-way drivers by activating warnings. Three, it’ll alert travelers driving in the correct direction of a detected wrong-way driver and also alert first responders of the location of the detected wrong-way driver. And fourth, it’ll monitor safety concerns like debris, disabled vehicles, and pedestrians.”

The goal is to have six areas in both Lexington and Louisville watching for wrong-way drivers by the summer of 2025.

“Wrong-way driving is a major safety issue that can lead to devastating consequences,” said Beshear. “This work will help us keep more Kentucky families safe on our roadways.”

The $9.5 million project is being paid for with state and federal money.

Camille Hantla contributed to this story.


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