California puts auto-insurance agencies on notice

California puts auto-insurance agencies on notice

California’s department of insurance is putting auto insurance agencies in the state on notice after receiving numerous complaints from residents.

Commissioner Ricardo Lara issued a bulletin to insurance agencies in the state warning the to follow California law. Tony Cignarale, Deputy Commissioner for Consumer Services and Market Conduct, says they’ve received a number of complaints about agencies stalling in giving coverage or even outright refusing to offer required policies like a good driver discount.

“This bulletin really was issued to advise and put insurance companies on record that we’re aware of these issues, and that there are these laws in place,” Cignarale says. “That they need to be writing good drivers without these barriers that some put in place. ”

Cignarale says if the violating agencies fail to comply they will be taken to court.

You can find more information around what rights and privileges California requires insurance provide here.


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