Best pet insurance companies in New York

Best pet insurance companies in New York
There are numerous valuable pet insurance companies to choose from in New York.

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Veterinary bills can be expensive, with many owners spending hundreds of dollars per visit. Fortunately, pet insurance can help offset some of those costs (and even more should your pet get sick or injured). Pet insurance works much like human health insurance does, covering the costs — partially or in full, sometimes — of common medical services and procedures. In some cases, it can even cover preventative care and dental work

That said, the value and return from a pet insurance policy can vary based on multiple factors, including your location. Are you looking to insure your furry friend? Below, we’ll break down the best pet insurance companies in New York according seven different categories.

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Best pet insurance companies in New York

Here are the best pet insurance companies in New York right now:

Best for comprehensive coverage: Embrace

For the most coverage options, consider Embrace Pet Insurance. The company offers coverage for accidents, illnesses, chronic conditions, rehabilitative services, behavioral therapy and more. There are also preventative care and dental plans, too, making it a great pick for New Yorkers who need a variety of options to choose from.

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Best for cost: AKC

If affordability is your main concern, look to AKC Pet Insurance. For a 5-year-old, mixed-breed dog from New York, a $10,000-limit plan with $250 deductible costs just $74 per month — well below the premiums of many insurers on this list. The company also offers 24/7 veterinarian support, pre-existing condition coverage and customizable policies.

Best for flexibility: Spot

Spot pet insurance is a good choice if you’re looking to customize your coverage. You can choose between two plans, seven annual limits, three reimbursement rates and five annual deductibles. The company also has no age caps, so even older pets can find coverage.

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Best for dogs: Pumpkin

If your furry friend is of the canine sort, Pumpkin is a good insurance company to explore. Not only does the company offer accident, illness and wellness care coverage for dogs, but there’s even a preventative plan designed just for puppies. It covers things like vaccines, exams and parasite screening tests.

Best for cats: Figo

Figo is a smart option for cat owners in New York. The brand offers accident, illness and wellness coverage, and plans go up to a 100% reimbursement rate. You can also customize coverage to get exactly the deductible and limits you want, and you get access to a 24/7 veterinary line, too. 

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Best for quick reimbursements: Lemonade

If you’re looking to get paid back quickly, Lemonade is your best bet. The company takes an AI-powered approach to claims processing, so reimbursements are processed fast and deposited right into your bank account. Lemonade also offers a wide variety of coverage options, including a preventative package. 

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Best for direct vet payments: Pets Best

If you’re looking for an insurer that can pay your vet directly (rather than having to foot the initial bill yourself and then get reimbursed), look to Pets Best. The company offers an easy claims process, low premiums and even has a 24/7 emergency vet health line you can use when you’re in a pinch.

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It’s smart to shop around

Premiums on pet insurance policies can vary widely, so it’s always smart to shop around and compare options even amongst the insurance companies on this list. You can also compare insurers on discounts, as many will offer multi-pet, senior, and military discounts that can reduce your premiums considerably. 


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